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Thanksgiving Tidbits

We started working on halftime as soon as Enrique’s music landed on choreographer Judy Trammell’s desk. The songs chosen were fun to dance to and rumors of Pitbull making a surprise visit made it that much more exciting.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and the morning practice started off a bit rough with me over-shooting my 50-yard line for pregame, but after director Kelli Finglass put the fear in me, I apparently decided to wake up and dance big, hoping to distract from my initial, and rather large mistake! The rest of rehearsal before the game went really well and everyone was in good spirits upon leaving the field.

We enjoyed our DCC-family Thanksgiving dinner in the locker room around noon and opened amazing gifts from Emma in Group 1: personalized hooded jackets and adorable matching scarves.

The first half of the game flew by quickly and I loved every minute of it, but honestly, I could not wait for halftime. I had butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of seeing Enrique up close for the first time … and my dream came true!

I was in the group on the east touchdown deck and we sprinted through the access tunnel to that side of the stadium only to wait another four minutes for halftime to hit. While the rest of the girls with me were catching their breath and primping, I was scanning the assortment of people lined up on the opposite wall, also waiting to go out for halftime. As soon as my eyes locked with Enrique’s my smile lit up and he chuckled a bit and waved at me … I died! Well, before I died, I waved back and pulled Lauren, who was standing next to me, over to lean out of the clump of girls and wave too – very reminiscent of being a star-struck teenager. I was OK with it, though.

Halftime commenced and it was high energy, exciting, and unlike anything I’ve experienced thus far in the way of performances. Even though I wasn’t on stage next to Enrique, our end zone had a PAR-TAY! The Cowboys’ victory topped off, in my opinion, the most perfect game ever.

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