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Thinking it Through

Home games at Cowboys Stadium are mind-blowing. From interacting with fans on game day, to performing for sold-out crowds, to seeing yourself and your friends on the largest HD video screen in the world, to doing the “wave” with the people in the seats when the whole stadium goes crazy, to almost tripping over your boots during the entrance because you have so much adrenaline and excitement, to constantly wondering if you have lipstick on your teeth, to … list goes on!

There are so many exciting, nerve-wrecking, anxious thoughts going through our heads as we cheer along the sidelines and platforms of a Dallas Cowboys game. Here are just a few of the things on my mind, so you can get an inside glimpse on what game day is like for a DCC:

When I am about to enter the field for our pregame performance, I am usually mentally preparing myself, thinking, “OK, pregame is first. I can do this. I’m stretched and ready to go. Why do I have butterflies right now … I’ve done this how many times? I’m leading out … hold three, out four, in four. OK, I’ve got this. I better not trip!”

The butterflies never go away. This is my fourth season, and I still get nervous before a game. Not a bad nervous, but more of an excited nervous because I am so ready to enter the field, perform for all of the fans and cheer for my Cowboys.

During pregame, I talk to myself the entire time (Was I supposed to say that? Maybe that’s something I should keep to myself!). I literally tell myself things like, “Wow, there are so many people here! This is such a rush!” Or, “I am so tired right now. No I’m not. Yes I am. No I’m not.” And things like, “Ok, I’m headed to the kickline. Why is that player from the other team standing on my yard line? He better watch out because I’m coming!”

I love performing our pregame routine. Not only is it an unbelievable feeling because all eyes are on us, but no matter how exhausting it is and how sweaty we are afterward, we are all motivating each other the entire time – both verbally, yelling out, “We got this! Almost done! Kick higher!” and mentally, because we feed off of each other’s energy and excitement. Once pregame is over, it’s time for football.

One of my favorite parts of a game is when we go up on the “touchdown” decks for kickoff and after the two-minute warnings. It’s such a different experience because we did not do this at Texas Stadium my rookie season. Although we stand in front of the people on the decks, which may block a little bit of their view of the game, they still seem to love it. The fans behind us are constantly taking photos, complimenting us, cheering with us, and enjoying the game-day experience. When we are walking up to the decks, everything happens so fast. We walk off of the field after the National Anthem in a specific order, and once we reach the tunnel we literally take off running as fast as we possibly can to get into a different order and up to the touchdown decks before kickoff. We are yelling, “Come on! Hurry! You’re in front of me! Go, go, go!” until we reach the decks.

We also have a tradition of always hitting the roof of the area we just ran through right before entering into the stands. Most of the girls can just raise their arm and reach it with their pom-pom, but I am 5’2″, so I definitely have to jump up.

It’s great running through the fans in the stands on our way to the decks. I usually high-five as many people as possible, and say “Go Cowboys!” Being up on the decks is also a great feeling because there are many times that my family will come to a game and sit right behind me. It is so much fun turning around to cheer for the crowd and seeing familiar faces smiling at you.

Once kickoff is over, it’s time to split into our four groups and take a corner of the field to cheer on our Cowboys, perform routines for the fans, and watch the game from the sidelines.

Game day is such an unbelievable experience, and I am so thankful to be here for my fourth season as a DCC. I want to say thank you to all of the fans out there that make my game-day experience complete. If it wasn’t for your handwritten fan mail letters, online messages on, support at appearances and events, and loud cheers and excited waves from the stands at a game, my experience as a DCC would not be complete!

Thank you and go Cowboys!

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