Where Are They Now?

Leslie Bowling Haynes

  • Full DCC name: Leslie Bowling Haynes
  • DCC: 1982,84,85
  • DCC Director 1989-91
  • Born: September 10, 1962
  • Birthplace: Toledo, OH
  • Married: 10 years to Mark Weiler.
  • Children, pets: 6 children – Whitney, Hailey, Jamie, Jeri, Mark and Tommy. 2 Grandkids – Audi (2) & Wyatt Cooper (9mths).
Cheering under the leadership of Director Suzanne Mitchell. Great mentor and lovely lady!! Suzanne gave me the opportunity to entertain thousands of people throughout the world as well as learn so much from them. Suzanne taught me love for our country, community and of course the Dallas Cowboys!!! Thank you. XOXO
I came face to face with a large Bull shark while lobster diving in Key West, Florida (2 years ago) and I lived to tell the story, although I think it did age me!

When I was asked to fill out the questionnaire for “Where Are They Now,” I decided to use some assistance from my DCC memorabilia trunk. Once I opened it, a floodgate of memories came rushing out—I knew I was about to embark on a wonderful journey down memory lane.

There are so many experiences to reflect on, each one as important as the next; I had to take a few moments to collect my thoughts. Being a DCC is a great privilege that I still hold dear to my heart.

I had the opportunity to not only proudly wear the DCC uniform but also had the great responsibility to protect the DCC image as Director during the “transitional years,” – I came to love every facet of the organization. Both of those positions were very important to me and I learned and grew much as a woman. I gained confidence, grace, leadership, and compassion. When I turned in my pom poms and clip board, I knew I was a better person. I had a wonderful mentor and friend, Suzanne Mitchell, who was instrumental in changing my life forever.

I have walked a lot of miles on to new adventures since slipping off those boots. Life has been busy filled with happiness and sorrow. I am happily married to an incredible man. We moved to Tierra Verde, Florida and raised six children. We are empty nesters although we are enjoying spending time with our grandbabies every chance we get.

I have been employed with Southwest Airlines in the inflight department for fourteen years. I also am a designer/owner of Sashy Sandals Inc., an interchangeable sash sandal company.

Since I live on a small island, I find time to enjoy all that nature has to offer, be it running on the beach, watching amazing sea/bird life, diving, boating or donating time to our local Baywatch sealife restoration program. I could go into details of specific memories from my experiences as a DCC at the many Dallas Cowboys games, USO tours, charity events, and rehearsals, but I think I will leave it to another day. As I close my memorabilia trunk, I think to myself that I was truly BLESSED to be one of “America’s Sweethearts.”

Sideline Q & A

What one story brings a smile to your face? Or makes you laugh?

Leslie: Oh my goodness…there are so many wonderful memories; however, one special memory that stands out in my mind, was during a Christmas USO tour. I walked into a handshake/lunch with our amazing troops on the DMZ in South Korea and I had a chance meeting with a dear high school friend (his family did not even know where he was stationed, it was classified). It was a profound moment. He yelled out my name and embraced me with the most loving hug. I knew at that moment how important the DCC is for our military. Keep up the great work DCC!! You DO make a difference.

What made you decide to “hang up the Pom Poms” and retire from being a DCC?

Leslie: I have so many fond memories from my years as a DCC and DCC Director. I made wonderful lifetime friends and learned incredible life lessons from my blessed experiences being a part of the DCC family. There comes a time when new adventures present themselves and we move on to grow and face new challenges. Times change and we must change with them or we get left behind.

What was your favorite memory from Texas Stadium?

Leslie: Honestly, my favorite memory of Texas Stadium is not a memory as a DCC, it is a Plano High School Homecoming halftime where I was one of the members of the Homecoming court. My Father escorted me onto the field of Texas Stadium back in 1980; however, that being said, my favorite Texas Stadium memory as a DCC would be the moment I stepped on the field for the very first pre-game performance and hearing the words “Often imitated, never equaled…The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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    1. What’s become of Meredith Oden & her mom? Also I have notices DCC girls are staying a maximum of five (5) years. Any reasoning or are they on payroll as assistants? Thank you again. I’ve email’d before & responded quite quickly!!

    2. Hi my name is ashley i wish i could be like one of ya

    3. I am wondering where my FAVORITE DCC Tamara Fulton is now a days? I got to meet her after her Cheerleading days in 1994 but while she was still working with the Cowboys.

      THANK YOU,
      Walt, Troy NY

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