Cassie Trammell

Kickin' Around

First Stop: Japan

The first four days of our recent USO tour were hectic, but very rewarding.
Backstage Secrets

Tour Must-Haves

The essentials when it comes to packing for our upcoming USO trip.
Kickin' Around

Sharing the Holiday Spirit

Our DCC visit to a local hospital was just as uplifting for me as I hope it was for the kids.
Behind the Scenes

Where Did the Month of November Go?

With rehearsing, packing, planning, Christmas shopping and studying, the days are flying by.
Just for Fun

Getting to Know Cassie

Some fun facts about 4-year veteran Cassie Trammell.
Girl Talk

Planning a Wedding

With help from her mom and aunt, Cassie finally gets a few details in order for her big day.
Sideline Chatter

Optimistic About the Future!

Despite a frustrating loss to the Lions, Cassie sees good things ahead.
Backstage Secrets

Preparing for an Amazing Experience

Cassie and the other girls in the DCC Show Group are already learning their routines for this years USO Tour.
Beauty Blog

Bedhead Beautiful

Cassie shares how she preps her hair each day.
Sideline Chatter

Last Minute Switch-Up!

No one came up short thanks to Cassie and a little DCC teamwork during the Cowboys' Monday night game.