Auditions, Motherhood and DCC

Here are some tips to determine whether mixing the life of a mom with the life of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is for you.
Hip Hopin' Birthday
Just for Fun

A Hip Hopin’ Birthday Bash

This year I wanted to do something different for my daughter's birthday.
A Fond Farewell
Behind the Scenes

Farewell from Sasha

Retiring cheerleader Sasha Agent reminisces about her favorite DCC experiences.

Got Splits?

Auditions are just around the corner ... Got Splits?
The Baker Sisters

Black History Month

The Baker Sisters: Pioneers for African American Women and Cheerleaders
Sasha Agent
Beauty Blog

Romantic Curls for Valentine’s Day

Follow these easy steps and you will fall in love with your natural curls.
Frank Clarke

Black History Month

Celebrating a Cowboys Black History Month: Frank Clarke

A New Start for a New, Refreshed You

Let 2012 truly be a happy new year.

Setting Realistic Resolutions

A step-by-step process to make sure you reach your goal this year.
Behind the Scenes

Meet My Big Sis!

Getting to know my DCC mentor, Marion Napoleon.