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How Many States And Countries Are Represented?

Twitter follower @Krista4Bears asked me recently how many states and countries have been represented by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
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Do the DCC Travel?

I'm often asked if the DCC travel with the team on road games.
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A Dream Realized

Erica shares her experiences on making the squad and her first game at AT&T Stadium.

2014 DCC Squad Announced

The final roster for the 2014-2015 DCC has been announced.
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A Special Night

The DCC recently unveiled their 2014 squad with a Meet the Team party.
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Show Time

The 9th season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, is set to premiere on Aug. 8.
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Meet the Press

Several DCC went on a tour to promote the 9th season of DCC: Making the Team.
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Crazy Day

On one recent Friday, veteran cheerleaders had two major events, plus an evening practice.
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My Fit Foods – A Fitting Challenge

When you hear the words “challenge” and “fit foods,” they probably don’t evoke warm fuzzy feelings. However, when I was approached by Kelli and Judy at the beginning of training camp to try the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge, I was ecstatic. Albeit for reasons I’m not too proud of (think yo-yo diets and [...]
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Cameo Day

Taking publicity photos for the upcoming season is an exciting time for the DCC.