Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Non-Stop Fun

The DCC recently helped celebrate American Airlines' new non-stop service from DFW to Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Behind the Scenes

A New Tampa 2

Courtney and Meagan are trying out for the DCC after beginning their careers on the Buccaneers squad.
Behind the Scenes

On to Training Camp

The DCC held their final auditions, with 43 candidates invited to training camp.
Behind the Scenes

The Star of a Dream

While the NFL draft was going on in New York, the DCC held auditions for the 2014 squad at AT&T Stadium.
DCC Training Camp
Behind the Scenes

Welcome To Training Camp!

Brittney shares her experiences from the first night of Training Camp.
Melissa Rycroft
Behind the Scenes

“Dancing With Our Stars”

Congrats to Melissa Rycroft for winning this season’s Dancing With the Stars.
Behind the Scenes

Mailbag – 11/15

Sydney fills in for Kelli to answer some questions that came from and our official Facebook page. Kelli McDonald asks “I’m a Native Californian and am fascinated with Southern gentility. Do you require the girls to say “yes, ma’am” or do they just know to answer that way? It sounds so nice but it […]
This Is Your Last Night
Behind the Scenes

Tonight is Your Last Night

Tonight will be our last day of filming CMT's “Making the Team” for season 7.
Behind the Scenes

Farewell from Ally

With DCC Auditions upon us and a new team already forming, the time has come for me to say farewell...
Courtney Cook at DCC auditions
Behind the Scenes

Yay for May!

This time of year brings memories of preparing for DCC auditions.