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“Goodbye and Good Luck”

The DCC celebrate their 2013 season at the annual End of Year Banquet.
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Bikinis and Boots

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are busy preparing for their 23rd annual swimsuit calendar shoot.
Jackie Bob

2014 DCC Pro Bowl

Jackie Bob announced as this season's Pro Bowl representative.

“Making The Calendar”

America’s Sweethearts featured in behind the scenes making of the 2014 calendar.
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Staying Focused and Prepared

Keeping the DCC focused and progressing with their performances.
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Holiday Cheers

The DCC have been preparing for their annual holiday halftime and USO tour.
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A Special Week

This has been another busy week for the DCC, but one filled with goodwill.
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Strength & Spirit

DCC Alumni rally together to support legendary director Suzanne Mitchell and her battle with pancreatic cancer.
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Squad Reflects Plethora of Careers, Backgrounds

As director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, I am proud to lead a group of talented women who are remarkably educated, accomplished and diverse. We strive to select and train ladies who represent the Dallas Cowboys fan base and the nation, and part of our audition process helps us choose positive role models for young […]
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How Many Personal Appearances Do the Cheerleaders Make?

On Twitter, Ann Proud asked, “How many personal appearances do the Cheerleaders make, and how are they chosen?”