USO Tour
Kickin' Around

An Unforgettable Honor

Jacie shares some the memorable experiences from her first USO tour.
75th USO Tour

DCC Depart For USO Tour

The Show Group departed for the Persian Gulf for their annual holiday USO tour.
DCC Holidays
Director's Chair

‘Tis the Season

The DCC are busy preparing for this weekend's holiday halftime performance.
Jerry Brown
Director's Chair

Compassion, Support and Focus

It's been an emotionally draining week for the entire Dallas Cowboys Football Club.
Director's Chair

Director’s Mailbag – 12/6

Kelli answers fan questions about social media and the 5-year cap on cheering.
Gameday Sheet 7
Sideline Chatter

Gameday Sheet: Game 7

Sydney shares the Gameday Sheet from the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day game.
Melissa Rycroft
Behind the Scenes

“Dancing With Our Stars”

Congrats to Melissa Rycroft for winning this season’s Dancing With the Stars.
Behind the Scenes

Mailbag – 11/15

Sydney fills in for Kelli to answer some questions that came from and our official Facebook page. Kelli McDonald asks “I’m a Native Californian and am fascinated with Southern gentility. Do you require the girls to say “yes, ma’am” or do they just know to answer that way? It sounds so nice but it [...]
Director's Chair

Director’s Mailbag – 11/9

I thought I’d take this time to answer some questions that came to us through and our official Facebook page. Tracie Horneman asks “Do you keep in touch with former cheerleaders?” Yes, in fact we do.  We have an alumni association that has over 600 members and includes cheerleaders that appeared from the 60s, [...]
Emmitt Smith
Director's Chair

What I Learned From Emmitt

We had a REAL surprise visit from Emmitt Smith at rehearsal this week.