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Ring of Honor 2011
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Appreciating Drew Pearson

Sydney remembers the career of the great wide receiver and describes her excitement in being a part of the Ring of Honor ceremonies.
Sydney Durso
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Thinking it Through

As Sydney explains, game day is a mental challenge as well as a physical one.
Hit Your Yardlines
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Hit Your Yard-lines!

Translating the studio dancing to yard lines still takes practice!
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Optimistic About the Future!

Despite a frustrating loss to the Lions, Cassie sees good things ahead.
Cowboys vs. Lions
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From a Mom/Cheerleader Perspective

Sasha shares a hectic game-day weekend preparing for the Lions vs. Cowboys game.
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Last Minute Switch-Up!

No one came up short thanks to Cassie and a little DCC teamwork during the Cowboys' Monday night game.
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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Cassie gives a behind-the-scenes look about her day leading up to the Cowboys Monday night game against the Redskins.
Gameday Sheets - Game 2
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Game 2

A candid look back at our second game ... Gameday Sheet Included!
Gameday Sheets - Game 1
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Game 1

A candid look back at our first game as the 2011 squad ... Gameday Sheet Included!