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2014 Finals


  1. MarketingWiz says:

    Charlotte: Your hemline is too short, not age appropriate. Kelli: Your dress is too tight, like a sausage casing. THOSE dresses are for skinny girls. Judy: Only you are just right. Very classic look. Since you gals have so many resources at your disposal, I’m surprised these unfortunate slip-ups happen.

    • marketing whiz i think they look pretty in those dresses and hemlines are fine i like it that way and i’m going to give him a piece of my mind these can dress the way they want,so if i hear about you criticing one of the dallas cowboys cheerleaders i’ll wash you’re mouth out with soap is that clear.

  2. I would really like to meet paige and jenna and vivan and mia and nicole and hannah

  3. i really love it i think they all look beautiful and pretty to me that’s a pretty outfits and beuatuful tummies and cute belly buttons and i like these pretty outfits and i’m throwing my support for the dallas cowboys cheerleaders and i love these pretty outfit and i’ll watch them in person and those are good auditioning outfits and those are pretty dresses as well and i’m dcc fan and proud of it, athe hmeline is fine and i think it looks pretty t me. i love thse beautiful hard working talented dallas cowboys cheerleaders and they are beautiful just the way god made them as strongest musclar women.

  4. when are. They gonna anounce the 2014 squad

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