DCC Swim Fittings (34)


  1. Hey Collin,
    You Look Beatuful and Pretty In a Black bikini Swimwear and You Look Very Cute with you’re haircut as well. and You Are One Of My Favorite DCC Girls and You Are As Beautiful As All OTher Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Are and You are Pretty As Sydney Durso Is All Beautiful Ladies,PRetty Girls as well,and Thanks For You’re Post card Pictures and the 2012-2013 DCC Squad Photo I Really Like It Very Much and It
    Really Puts a Smile On My Face As well, and I’m Sorry It Really Took Long To Get Back
    To You,Because I Was Campaigning For Arnold City Treasurer Dan Kroupa,Arnold,mo.
    Steve Holloway,Arnold,Mo.And Got Them Elected To The School Board Across The Fox
    C-6 School Dist.area and Getting Ron Counts Re-Elected As Mayor ACross The City Of
    Arnold,Mo.On Tues.4-2-13 Ain’t That Cool. and I Would Like To Meet You And All Of thee Beautiful DCC Girls In Person As well,and YOU And All these PRetty Girls Are my
    ALL STars and Y’all Are Very Special As well,This Friday,April 19th,2013 Can Y’all Mark
    You’re Calender For Christopher Michael Hampton day Across The City Of Arnold,Mo.
    I’m Turning My Community Around and I”m happy For you Lovely Ladies and Collin
    You Are Special As well, On King Of the Hill,Dale Gribble Uses an Alias ?Rusty Shackleford It’s Funny.Love y’all

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