DCC Calendar Shoot (1)


  1. love it

  2. hi my name is jose and i go for dallas cowboys and i will like to meet one you gayes and i was asking if i can get free tex for the game

  3. Hi my name is chris michael hampton and i’m a 34 year old autistic man from arnold,mo
    and I’m A Cowboys Fan and I’m a Dallas cowboys cheerleaders fan and thanks for you’re
    Lovely Picture and squad photo that you sent me it really puts a smile on my face and I would like to meet you pretty girls one of these days and I Love it as well,congraulations danielle on making the swimsuit calender You earned it i’m Happy For You and I think You
    Look Pretty in a bikini in the dcc swimsuit calender as well,and You are PRetty as all Other
    dallas cowboys cheerleaders girls as well they also look pretty in thier bikinis in the swimsuit calnders and I’m Looking foward to watching y’all at the NFL Games On CMT
    as well, I’ll Write You Back And I’ll Keep you Posted,You are One Of my Favorite Dallas
    Cowboys cheerleaders in the whole wide world and You Are Pretty as Jasmine is two
    beautiuful women and ALL dallas cowboys cheerleaders are Beautiful Women and Human beings too and You are my hero as well.i’m going to see iron man 3,and Star
    Trek Into Darkness and MAn Of steel this summer,have fun,good luck,you’ll Do Just Fine and You are a Blessing and All girls are a Blessings too.

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