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Chelsea Elizabeth


  1. Your 1 of my fav. Cheerleader’s & your so pretty & good at being a DCC! I hope you make it again in May!

  2. Chelsea u are vey pretty & i have a crush on u

  3. You are a very confident and outgoing young lady who is charming DCC

  4. Jeremy Barnes says:

    Hey Chelsea,

    You took a pic with me tonight at the Glass Cactus for the taste of the NFL experience with the NTFB. Thanks for making my night!



  5. Tammy Mercer says:

    All through the show last year, I was pulling for you. I thought you embodied the “America’s Sweetheart” the cheerleaders are known for. I hope I don’t have to wait until September to watch DCC : Making the Team to know that you made it back on the squad. You belong there and I’ll be pullin for you until the day you decide to retire your uniform!
    All the best
    Tammy from Indianapolis…huge fan of Chelsea Chaney!!

  6. Chelsea, you are such a Sweet and Beautiful Girl! You have Impacted My Life so much! And im really proud of what you have Accomplished :) and I know the road to becoming a DCC was not easy, but you stuck with it and Your Drean came true! I know you didn’t make it back on the Team this year, but I Really Hope you Come back and Audition again next year! Don’t let it bring you down. You are such a Sweet Girl and You will ALWAYS be my Favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader til’ the day i die! :)) Love you Gurll!! Im so Proud of Everything you have Accomplished :’)

  7. And Thank you for always Talking to me on Twitter!! It Always made my day to hear back from you! :)

  8. Cindy Woodley says:

    What happened? Your not in the 2013-2014 squad picture. I know your awesome dancer and beautiful so you should have made it!!

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