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Courtney Cook


  1. I have been a HUGE fan! The first year you were on here and didn’t make it broke my heart. Every time I watch DCC you inspire me. I hope your two years you have had is awesome and you are my idol(:

  2. Courtney, you are my big fan.

  3. Jana Hunter says:

    You are so adorable! I LOVE watching you perform!!

  4. Joseph Korkmas says:

    Courtney, I’m definately one of your biggest fans, from watching you on the DCC series to the sidelines at the games! I hope you continue on as a DC Cheerleader….. Good luck with all you do in the future!!!!

  5. Glenn Burton says:

    You are absolutely georgeous, and I love watching you perform. I am now and always will be a BIG fan

  6. Natalie Williams says:

    OMG! You are my idol. When I grow up I want to be just like you!!!!!!!(;$*<3

    Luv your BIGGEST fan EVER

  7. Natalie Williams says:

    i hope u never quit or get cut

  8. Natalie Williams says:

    u would never quit though

  9. Natalie Williams says:

    oneday you will see me on tv just like u

  10. Natalie Williams says:

    ur so beautiful i have tried to get my curls like yours but they werent as fab

  11. Just a silly question, did you ever try to straighten your hair?????? If so how did it turn out? Well, really your curls is what makes part of your personality, your an awesome DCC and hope to see you in 2013.

  12. you make me want to be a dancer.i could never aford to do a sport but you taught me to dream big and acheive big so me and my friends startied minnie dcc at are local park evreybodyies gonna be mad couse were minnie dcc not minnie saintsations well hope i se you in 2013 if you can please look up minniedcc.weebly.com and if you can try to be at the abita parrk on may 5th at 7:00 well youre amazing ttyl

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