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Danielle Marie


  1. Jana Hunter says:

    You are a gorgeous young lady and I loved to see that you and Jasmine were best friends. You go together amazingly and I love to see you perform.

  2. You Are A Very Beautiful Young Lady and You are A Very Pretty DAllas Cowboys Cheerleader in the whole wide world and You and JAsmine Are Bestfriends,2 Beautiful
    Women and PRettyiest DAllas cowboys cheerleaders in the whole wide world,and You Two Go Good Together Preforming as DCC Girls as well. and You Are Very Special
    I Love You With All Of My Heart and You Rock Danielle.

  3. Torie Whitehair says:

    Tbh…i Can’t believe you talked to me, I was so happy & i truly look up to you alot,your an amazing DCC & I’d love you meet you for my Sweet 16, but i know thats not gonna happen & my fingers & toes are crossed for you in May! Keep me updated on Twitter! Thanks!! :)

  4. Hey Danielle, I am an old acquaintance from NY (Hooters) I heard you tried out for and made the squad. Congratulations! I hope we can see each other some day.

    Tom S.

  5. Hey Danielle, meet your boyfriends parents a couple days ago in Costa Rica! They are super nice and friendly…..but my husband, Matt would love a autograph picture (he is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan!) of you if possible. He didn’t have enough guts to ask your boyfriends parents when we were chatting with them. So it’d be great if you could email me and i will give you our address! Thanks!!

  6. thank you so much for your hard work danniel on TV.your are swett and great

    thanks!!! #1

  7. Dana Marie says:

    Hey Danielle! We have the same popular middle name! lol I just wanted to say that your perseverance and heart was such a joy and inspiration to watch while you were in training camp this year. I’m so happy for you and congratulations! You are such a talented and poised young lady. :) Have a great year and have fun!

    All the best from Williamsburg, VA <3

  8. love dallas cowboys cheerleaders ,love you guys,and cowboys ,win the next game we the best team, go cowboys and cheerleaders michelle keller

  9. You are the most beautiful and prettyiest young lady and you and jasmine are 2 beuatiful women and pretty ladies as well and i love you guys with all of my heart,i’ve watched you girls on tv at the NFC Wildcard games and Danielle I really love you as well and did you girls get my christmas and valentines day cards as well, you are special and you are my favorite dallas cowboys cheerleader as well, and go cowboys beat the packers as nfc disvional playoffs champions at lambeau Field In Green Bay,W.I. On Sun.1-11-15, and I’ve been a dallas cowboys fan since 1993,and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Fan Since 2001,and you have a pretty name and you are really special,long isnald girls are beautiful and pretty as you are., and I really like you as well,and you have beautiful LOng borwn Hair and You are One Of the Most Beautiul and Pretttyiest Talented Young Lady and DCC Girl and As a Smart woman. go cowboys beat the packers on sun.1-11-15.
    love you’re friend and dcc Fan Chris Michael hampton

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