Danielle Marie


  1. I think you are an awesome DCC, I loved your drive and determination on the show. I hope to see you again in 2013. P.S. I am also a clutz so don’t feel to bad, if it was’nt for people like us, who would people laugh at.

  2. you a awesome dcc. I like your hair

  3. Jen Lutheran says:

    My 11yr old is a huge DCC fan!! We are glad to see you back and recovered from your injury! She herself had a major injury 4 weeks before her dance nationals this summer! Recovered from a dislocated patella! Only to dance on Stage at her Dance National competition! She watches you girls as inspiration! Thank you for the positive energy & sportsmanship you girls possess. She would love a signed photo! Anyway she can get one? PS this is a Dallas house in New England & our little dog has a huge name “Dallas”! Lol

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