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Jenna Lene


  1. Jana Hunter says:

    Jenna, I absolutely LOVED your dance during your audition this year! You are one of the best rookies and I encourage you to keep moving forward!

  2. Jenna, you are my favorite rookie this year by far! You are an awesome dancer and a beautiful young lady. Your style and energy on the field is just amazing.

  3. Jenna, I’m a HUGE fan and I’m so happy that an Army Brat made the team. You truly are one of America’s Sweethearts. Your success also helps encourage the DoDDS cheerleaders! You go girl!!

  4. I love your energy and go get em attitude! Way to follow your dreams! You are definitely my favorite rookie. Can’t wait to see more of you! Wish they showed your dancing more on the show!!!! P.s. I don’t think you’ve ever made a mistake on the show :)

  5. Jenna, I think your one of the best DCC’s, Your so cute and talented, I hope to see you back on the DCC in 2013.

  6. Loved watching you on your first season try out episode – I was rooting for you since the beginning, nice to know you are still on the team! I loved your story. You are a beautiful girl!

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