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Kali Nicole


  1. Torie Whitehair says:

    You are very Beautiful & Work really hard to be a DCC, someone like you deserved a wonderful chance to be a DCC! Wish you the Best In May!

  2. You look like Jessica Simpson.

  3. Your dad delivers cars to red river ford in durant, and we want to say thanks to you for the autograph pic, and good luck to you.. Thank your dad again for thinking of us, he does a great job!! If you ever need a great deal on a vehicle just let me know .

  4. we took a picture at Cozumel´s Airport this Friday morning. Thanks Nicole you are too pretty and Nice girl. God blesses you!!!

  5. I was so wishing that you would have made the squad this season…. I really liked you your very beautiful and hope to see you next season…

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