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Mackenzie Lee


  1. Mary Beavers says:

    I am so happy you’re on the team again. I started watching last season and was
    pulling for you. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jana Hunter says:

      I was so happy to find out that you’re on the squad again! You are beautiful and extremely talented. I just started watching DCC last year and I was always making sure they never cut Mackenzie. You also did an AMAZING job on improving your kicks and I am so proud of you! :) Congratulations!

  2. You were my favorite when you first tried out to make the DCC and I’m so glad you are still here! I was rooting for you when they told you you had to stretch to get your kicks up – I knew you could do it!!! Been viewing the CMT shows that are just now airing for this year’s squad and while I have not seen you on air yet, I had to get online to see if you made the squad again cause I was getting worried! Love your new hair cut too – you go girl!!!!

  3. Mackenzie Lee is my favorite DALLAS Cheerleader. You are all very beautiful and talented women. But I will always love Mackenzie Lee. Truly a gorgeous goddess. The D.C.C. ; they have a power over us . They really are America’s sweet hearts! (Especially the blond girls)

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