Mackenzie Lee


  1. Brian Garrison says:


    • david pierce says:

      Mackenzie is definitely my favorite dont get me wrong this entire squad is filled with very beautiful women but can one imagine going on a date with her geeez i dont think my heart could take it i wish her well and hope she has a long stay with DCC she is so pretty and you can tell she is liking what she is doing best wishes always sweetie you are truely the bomb not a bomb the bomb lol

  2. Ana Quintana says:

    A little bit obsessed with Mackenzie! My favorite DCC by far. Personality totally won me over, and she’s an all-star dancer and performer. I’ll probably still be googling her 10 years down the road to see what she’s been doing, I hope to see her go far.

  3. Mackenzie you are the best DCC ! You where my favorite to watch, I know you will go far in your life because of your determination. I also belive you will get to host your own travel show someday.

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