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Melissa Kellerman


  1. asdfas fsaf says:

    your so hot

  2. asdfas fsaf says:

    and a nice body

  3. Ok…well I just found the hottest Cowboys Cheerleader, and that’s saying something!~!


  4. Victoria Secret Angels should be jealous!

  5. MELLISA your so hot & pretty

  6. Marshall Bushey says:

    Will you go out with me please because you have the looks of a Angel and you take my breath away at the first time I saw your beautiful picture

  7. Thank you for taking a pic with me at the stadium. I know it was super random that I was just like out of no where, “Melissa?!” Probably kreeped you out, but you made my day! I can’t believe you’re not cheering anymore… but the wedding bells are ringing right!? I’m so happy for you and hope you get some time to relax and sit back with the Mr. at your side. Thanks again for being so kind to my brother and I and hope to see you again someday. Maybe on the field again who knows.

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