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2014 DCC Calendar Shoot


  1. katie ferris says:

    wow!!!!I love it! want to be just like you guys!!!!!

  2. Omy god you all invited your self but you all left me at home it’s not fair

  3. wowee, i think all these dallas cowboys cheerleaders in thier bikinis posing in the swimsuit
    calender looks beautiful and pretty,sexy,cute,wonderful and very special it’s an honor for all of them,i’m really happy for them as well,i would like to hang out with the dallas cowboys cheerleaders and with all dcc fans too as well,it’s going to be a lot of fun as well,and i’ve written fan letters to all dallas cowboys cheerleaders since 2001,i’ve been a dallas cowboys fan since 1993,i’m looking foward to watching them on the nfl games and on cmt
    as well. go cowboys beat the dolphins.
    chris michaem hampton

  4. i love the DCC girls have every calendar but would like to get an autographed one of these amazing girls. can you please help me out they arent sold here in new york. please and thank you very much

  5. wow wish i was with u ladies your beautful

  6. Always the best in foot ball

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