1. such a Sweet Heart!! so Prettty!! :o)

  2. wowee, angela rena looks very sexy in a dcc swimsuit calnder and that’s avery cute bikini
    she’s got on all dcc girls looks beautiful and pretty in thier bikinis and swimwear i really like it very much,and i’ve got angela’s pictures and she looks very sexy in a bikini and girls in bikinis and baithing suits turns me on and she’s one of my favorite dcc girls in the whole wide world i’m in heavan at last that’s some good fashion shows and calendar shoot ladie,
    espcially angela.
    chris hampton

  3. Oh My.

  4. Will you marry me?

  5. I love the dallas cowboy cheerleaders when I grow up I want to be on from the show I have learned all this stuff and I will do my best and be one there’s just one thing in the future can you make the outfits not so they show your skin so much look forward to see me in 2021 that’s so long from now but at least I have time to practice and make perfection but there’s one thing I am not really good at kicking really high but I have my posture and I will try my best I am 10 but I will make my dream and I will see you there I hope your biggest dallas cowboy fan

    Sophia Bradbury

  6. Beautiful! Makes my heart explode with such beauty.

  7. I want to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader but I can’t do the splits what should I do?

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