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Katy Marie

2013 Calendar Shoot – Riviera Maya


  1. Respectively, The most deserving and beautiful women in the world and they cheer my team, well America’s Team. These days, cant afford to keep up with them all, but I have a photo of every squad since like the mid 90’s and some before that. Never knew of these type were made. However, I’m not sure want to know. Beautiful and deliciously sporty women! That all dare say. Listen though, I’d like to know if their is a fan mailing list? I like to catch up on the veteran Dallas Cheerleaders and all new. AND I need a another poster for my wall. Lost most everything but a hat in marriage now over. Plus I love to find out about the Dallas Cowboys WARM cap with ear covers! I love my team and miss my ladies in blue…

    There is my secure email and Mailing if there is a fan list for mail…

  2. roy burson says:

    I am a dallas cowboy fan.they need too improve on both offense and defense this year and ur beautiful.

  3. I am a die hard Carolina Panthers’ fan and I have to say that I am “IN LOVE” with Ms. Katy Marie.


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