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2013 Calendar Shoot – Riviera Maya
2012 Calendar Shoot – Riviera Nayarit & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


  1. Bryan Humphries says:

    Year in and year out by far the very BEST team in Dallas in any sport!

  2. I would like a calender of the cheer leaders. I also think that Jerry should advise the team to protect Romo a lot better than what they are doing. He is a great quarterback if and when he has time to throw to his recievers. Also the guys are making to much money to keep running the wrong way. Recievers need to get it together. Thank you James

  3. I am a Skins fan all the way, but you ladies are TRULY the First Ladies of football!!!

  4. I agree with James Raymer all the way.LISTEN TO HIM LINEMEN…PROTECT ROMO WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

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