Sydney Durso


  1. Good god your pretty great photo!

  2. Really nice butt!

  3. Edwin algra says:

    What a girl
    I am In Love

  4. hey Sydney!! I would just like to tell you how really pretty you are <3 :) stay pretty

  5. I find my inspiration in your beauty

    There are so many things I would like to say
    But words would never be enough to convey
    The beauty I see quietly staring back at me

    With the sound of water stimulating my mind
    I find the teal color gently soothes my soul
    While your piercing gaze ensnares my heart
    ~wind whisperer

  6. i’m in love you really look beautiful and pretty,sexy,cute,wonderful and special and i really love you and i really like you and you look so cute in a green thong bikini and you have a very beautiful Butt and pretty bare back i love it as well, it’s really insiring me and it maes me happy as well and with beautiful long blonde hair and pretty colored eyes you are my favorite dallas cowboys cheerleader in the whole wide world and i’m in love with you as well, i ant to get to know you more and see you in person,i might come down to texas to see you one of these days as well.

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