Sydney Durso


  1. Victor Torres says:

    Hi Ms. Durso. I like your outfit and you look great to me. Is it possible to get your pic autographed? Thank you…Sincerely Vic.

  2. Dewayne Stovall says:

    Hello Sydney,

    You are a very beautiful and talented yound woman. I read your profile and you are a very smart and energetic young lady too. Could I get an autograhed photo from you? Please e-mail me and let me know. You are simply gorgeous and amazing!

    Dewayne Stovall
    Golden Fork Estate


  3. bilbo baggins says:

    u sexy girla

  4. hello sydney,
    you look beautiful and pretty,talented,cute,sexy,wonderful,very special and that’s a very nice photo in a cute green thong bikini and you got a sexy butt with long blonde hair and you are the prettyiest strongest woman with muscles in the whole wide world and i’m glad that i got to write you all these years, and you are very special as well. you sexy lady.

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