Sydney Durso


  1. You are my favorite, Sydney! So beautiful! Seeing you live on Talkin’ Cowboys is a treat. You seem like a pretty awesome woman. Dont let BB give you such a hard time. Anyways, you are my favorite and easily the most beautiful Dallas Cheerleader.

  2. LOve you on talkin cowboys, you are right there in front of the game, what better person to do it.

  3. hi sydney ur super duper hot.keep it up

  4. Sydney your so beautiful. Your the mane reason I watch the game. Your the most beautiful

  5. I Love Watching you on CMT,talking cowboys live and You are sexy and i love watching you at the nfl games on tv and i’ll be watching you as well and you are so beautiful and pretty as well and that’ all of the sexy photos and i love it as well and you’re the most beautiful dallas cowboys cheerleader in the whole wide pink bikini cute belly button and beautiful buttocks and lovely back s well.

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