Whitney Isleib


  1. David E Palomo, Jr says:

    Whitney, don’t know if you’ll actually see this or not, but i just wanted to say that you are a very beautiful & sexy woman. When I’m watching the games on TV, I always look forward to seeing you during the games because I know when I see that warm beautiful smile of yours, it will always make me smile and those gorgoues eyes will always melt my heart, (makes my sundays even brighter, :) & a Cowboys loss couldn’t take that away). Sad this is your last season, but i know you will go on to do bigger & better things. I’m just sorry I never had the honor & pleasure of meeting you. I love the way you have always represented the DCC & the Dallas Cowboys organization with class, honor, integrity, & pride. Always giving your very best. One of the many reasons why I love the DCC & the way Kelli & Judy run the squad. They demand the very best of you ladies & get it. Every little detail is covered. Kinda reminds me of when i was in the military, LOL! Whitney, I wish you all the happiness in the world & the very best for your future. Sending a big warm hug from down south. :) You take care & God Bless. David fr San Antonio, Tx. :)

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