Emily Claire

Rookie - 2012

Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Occupation: Middle School French and Spanish teacher

Education: B.A. French and Spanish

Dance Background & Experience: I have been dancing for 14 years and have taken ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, drill team, and tap. I did drill team and competitive dance in high school and taught dance through college.

Words to live by/favorite quote: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other” – Mother Teresa

Five words that describe you: Adventurous, Caring, Determined, Eccentric, Active


  • Former Player: Emmitt Smith
  • Movie: Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • DFW Area Restaurant: Snuffer’s
  • Article of Clothing: My cowboy boots. I wear them with everything!
  • Phone App: Yelp!
  • Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson – She’s the reason I wanted to play the saxophone in middle school
  • TV Show: Modern Family
  • Holiday: Christmas

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is... I recently got into Mensa! I’ve also done a three triathlons and a half marathon.

Dream Job: I’m doing my dream job! But of course it would be nice if I could control the class size :)

Dream Vacation Destination: Too many to count! I’ve never been to Italy and would love to spend a year there and learn the language. Also – Australia, Egypt and Brazil

Why did you decide to audition for the DCC?: I grew up in Dallas, so I always admired the DCC, but never thought it was something I could do. I saw them once at a dance convention in college and decided that I wanted to audition just to say I had. I never dreamed I would get this far!

What are some of your DCC highlights?: The girls! I love that I get to share this experience with so many other fabulous women.

Advice for someone who dreams of becoming a DCC: Keep working! Just getting to the audition is half the work, and so many people don’t have the courage to show up! Keep dancing, keep working hard and keep believing in your dream!