2 Year Veteran - 2013, 2014

Hometown: Whitehouse, TX

Occupation: Assistant to a Fashion Designer

Education: B.S. in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business.

Dance Background & Experience: I have been in studio dance since I was little, drill team for 3 years and officer, Rangerette Swingster and Lieutenant. I also performed during the halftime show at Superbowl XLV!

Words to live by/favorite quote: "Beauty knows no pain." – Gussie Nell Davis

Five words that describe you: Dedicated, ambitions, driven, spiritual, and caring.


  • Former Player: Emmitt Smith
  • Movie: Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"
  • DFW Area Restaurant: Mi Cocina
  • Article of Clothing: My Nike AirMax shoes!
  • Phone App: Domino’s app because I can order pizza at any time!
  • Cartoon Character: Wonder Woman of course!!
  • TV Show: House Hunters
  • Holiday: Halloween because it’s my birthday!!
  • Charity: The Salvation Army
  • Ice Cream: Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate
  • Junk Food Weakness: I love dark chocolate and Pizza.

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is... I am left handed

Biggest Fear: My biggest fear is spiders

What would be your superpower?: Super Speed

Most Embarrassing Moment: One of my most embarrassing moments is when I flirted with my therapist after coming out of knee surgery because I was still on heavy medication!!

Dream Job: I would love to be a food critic!

Dream Vacation Destination: I would love to go to Bora Bora.

Why did you decide to audition for the DCC?: Because I wanted to be an ambassador for the Dallas Cowboys as well as continue to dance and do what I love! I have always admired the cheerleaders for their spirit and inner beauty towards the Cowboys organization and their community; I’ve always wanted to be a part of that.

What are some of your DCC highlights?: What I would like most about being a part of DCC is being a positive role model to others and being able to make a difference in the Dallas community.

Advice for someone who dreams of becoming a DCC: Never give up on your dream and to always stay true to yourself!