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  1. woweee,
    i’m happy that sydne is a good group leader for the dallas cowboys cheerleaders and thank you for you’re lovely post card pictures and squad photo that you sent me,it really puts a smile on my face and i really love you with all of my heart,she’s very special and fun to be around as well,and remeber the post cards i sent you from rocky mountain national park in estes park,C.O. and From akers ferry in salem,mo. and you are,very
    beautiful,pretty,strong,wonderful and very funny and very special and i’ve been a cowboys fan since 1993 and a dcc fan since 2001, and you rock,and i’m really happy for you, and did you hear about the rodeo clown with the obama mask at the missouri state fair in sedelia,mo. it’s very funny.and you are my favorite dcc girl in the whol wide world.i watched y’all on cmt and at the nfl games it’s fun. go cowboys,beat the broncos
    love you’re penpal chris michael hampton.

  2. i have been a dallascowboy fan i got so minney dallasfotball cards but i cant find an ney cards for the cheerleaders. cowboys cheerleaders are the verrey best. i wish on home games they would shoe the dallascheerleaders at haytime.or do the asmetiment off to the side so cowboys can see thedallascowboys cheerleaders more. bet the sants sunday night i will be watching.

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