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  1. wow,Congratulations Wo Whiteny For Going the Pro-Bowl,I’m Really Happy For her,
    That Really Puts a Smile On My Face as well,I’ve Got a Postcard Picture of Whitney
    Isleib And I Really Like Whitney,She’s PRetty,Smart,Hard working and I’ll Be Watching
    HEr at The Pro-Bowl As well. I”m Happy For Her.merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Go Cowboys Beat the New Orleans Saints.

  2. Yaaay whitney! i voted 4 u!! u totally deserve this!!

  3. Whitney totally deserves it, I’m so proud of her! She’s going to do AMAZINGLY in Hawaii, what a wonderful way to end her DCC career.

  4. I voted for you Whitney! You are awesome. Have a great time!!

  5. You are the best one of the bunch and I’m glad I voted for you!!!

  6. Congratulations Whitney. Glad you got picked.
    Was it me or did anyone else notice Judy acted like she didn’t want to be there. Maybe she had other things on her mind. Just think it was strange

  7. So proud of Whitney. She has indeed earned it!!!

  8. Michael Taylor says:

    Congratulations Whitney you deserve it, haven’t seen anyone who dances as fluid as you, that’s why you’re on the point. I know you will represent the Dallas Cowboys organization well, enjoy your time in Hawaii.

  9. I am so happy for you whitney! U are a great DCC as well as person! I have watched you all of your years as a DCC and I must say I’m gonna miss you! Have fun at pro bowl! I will be watching!

  10. Rhonda Lynn Nick says:

    I’m So Happy for you Honey Have a Great Time On Your Trip And Go Cowboys!

  11. I’m very happy for you Whitney! You totally deserve it and you certainly will represent the Cowboys organization very well. Have fun and Im sure none of us can wait for the stories as well as the pictures!

  12. you did great !¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoy your time in Hawaii you deserve it

  13. Congratulations Whitney! Very well deserved. Have lots of fun out there. Take care!

  14. Wow! Congrats to Whitney ! Much cheers goes to you.

    I was also wondering, Did Ally get to keep her DCC Shorts & Stars because i thought she had been done with the Team?

  15. Brianna Jarman says:

    So happy for such a beautiful young lady! You will be great Whitney!!! Congratulations:)

  16. Jim Herberger says:

    That had to be one difficult decision. Any DCC would represent the organization well, so to have them select one of their own for this honor must be a true honor and well deserved. Always great to receive recognition by ones peers. Congratulations Whitney! – 50-year fan of ‘them Cowboys!!

  17. Whitney is perfect choice! No word from Kelli and DCC since Dec. 24th!!?? Believe Judy promoted Cassie’s exposure and curtailed others during past four seasons.

  18. Ha. i didnt think cheerleding was hard..but after i watched a couple seasons now and see what they go through just to even audition(tv show) its crazy. lol and i dont like cassie at all shes only a 5 year”vet” cause her mom is the coach…dont believe me ok she blew her knee out and couldnt perform so she sat out..another girl just sprained her knee and they were gonna cut her because she couldnt perform so why is cassie not cut???? dumb. kelli, you are they sexiest woman on tv! lol haha =)

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