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  1. Daniel Johnston says:

    Its interesting that many people really don’t or can’t appreciate excellence in any endeavor. We are indeed blessed to have CMT and The Dallas Cowboys show us “regular” folks what it entails to make the team with DCC. Not only is it a pleasure for this old fellow to watch these young beautiful ladies perform, it is also an experience to LEARN that it doesn’t come easy. These ladies have to earn their position on the squad. No wonder they are always imitated but never equaled. Fortunately, I’ve been an entertainer and performer for almost all my life and I’m very familiar with the dues we have pay to become successful. Even mediocre success can come with a heavy price. I sincerely thank the wonderful folks at CMT and the ladies of the DCC organization to allow us to watch the development of the DCC squad. I don’t think these ladies know how many of us end up “rooting” for the ladies. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Sincerely, Daniel Johnston a/k/a Danny Jay, singer.

  2. Lynn Williams says:

    Whitney,,.having watched all 7 season of Making the Team, I am use to girls leaving,but I will truely miss you. I have enjoyed watching you grow, becoming not only a great cheerleaders but a wonderful person. The DCC will not be the same when you are gone. Much love and luck, we will miss you.

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