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  1. Meh. Love Whitney but Halloween halftime was so disjointed it was difficult to watch. Not a fan. Love the pink performance though.

  2. kristen harlow says:

    I agree- too many people on the field too close together- since this is the second time they have done this routine- I think ? – maybe something new next year. Whitney is the pied piper of the group- absolute perfection

  3. Alayna Quiggins says:


  4. Sherri McFadden says:

    Great dancing but its time to maybe do something different since I believe they did this last year, I might be wrong though.

  5. Everyone is saying they did this routine last year. This is the first time I saw it and I think it was amazing. I love how they incorporated other dancers into the routine. Great job to everyone involved!

  6. awesome, sorry I missed it.

  7. Sexy and hot love watching u perform

  8. Great Job DCC!!!

  9. It’s crazy that some of my CLASSMATES are on the field performing with DCC! So proud of our Kilgore College Rangerettes!

  10. I loved it! And who cares if they did it twice!

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