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  1. Jamie Oliver says:

    Love to see REAL CHEERLEADING! Love the tumbling, stunts, baskets! Awesome show!

  2. No cowgirl boots? That is the only thing that would have made it better. Them girls are amazing.

  3. Oh my god, incredible! Candyman is so hard to dance to, and they did amazing!!! My favorite part was at the end with all the ladies from Susan G. Komen on the field, I bet it meant the world to all of them.

  4. I wanna start by saying I’m a HUGE DCC fan. I luv the pink half time show. I’ve already watched it 3 times, I luv the ending wen the girls r up n stunts and the breast Caner sign! GREAT JOB

  5. Juan Rodriguez says:

    These girl’s are not only beautiful they are talented. And even better love the pink doing it for the great cause you girl’s keep doing what you do love ya’ll

  6. LOVED the half time show! I wish more NFL cheerleaders had actually cheerleading stunts and tumbling like this. Dance is great, but this was AMAZING!

  7. Julia Noel says:

    you guys are so amazing! awesome job ladies, see you after high school!:D

  8. i love dcc i watch it every friyday i love PINK halftime it was so amazing i want to be one of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Dawn Walters says:

    Loved watching this performance. As a college dance coach and cheer and dance judge, I found it very fun and entertaining. So, I can only imagine how well received it was by your regular fans! The pyramids, tumbling, tosses and partner stunts looked great. The ribbon roll-out at the end gave me goose bumps! Keep up the great job ladies!!
    University of Kentucky Dance Coach

  10. Love the stunts and tumbling!!! Cant wait to tryout one day :)

  11. Marcia Thompson says:

    This was an awesome show!! Hats off to all who participated and kudos’s to the guys for assisting in the routine, gave it more dynamics! DCC is a great organization and I’m sure everyone appreciated the work that went into such a great cause. Thank you Keli & Judy for all you do for the DCC. I love that you promote excellence in everything, not just the dance or the cheer, but in life. You two are very unique. I may never be a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I love DCC!

  12. Alayna Quiggins says:

    I love to come on the site and see all of the videos and pics from this year and last. My computer isnt letting me watch the pink halftime one though. Seen everything else. GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP!

  13. They should do more stunts they look REALLY good! I dream to be one of them one day!!! <3

  14. Pam Horne says:

    I have a 7 yr old that says she is going to be a DCC when she grows up. She watches Making the Team all the time as she has it on her DVR… I would really like to get DVDs of half time shows and other performances for her as a gift. Is there a place these are sold. The lessons taught on and off the field to her are awesome.

  15. oh my gosh i love this halftime!!! it’s one of my favorites! i love how they take a break from their regular dancing to do stunts and flips! i love the breast cancer ribbons too!!

  16. Joe Simmons says:

    SO tired of seeing “pink” every year. IT’S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL!!! And it makes the players look like FOOLS wearing it. Can’t the cancer researchers find some other way to make money to pay their huge salaries? Most women don’t even WATCH football, and the ones that do don’t think about groping themselves for cancer. LEAVE MY SPORT ALONE!!!!

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