Meet the 2011 Squad Videos


  1. I love your organization! I love watching the “Making the Team” each year. I wish there would be a way to see all of the solo performances in the finals. Is there more footage available? Also, do the women get paid for appearances other than the games?
    I’ve read each cheerleader’s bio and find them to be interesting. As an educator, I noticed a few misspelled words and incorrect grammar. Does someone proofread what is published? I’m not criticizing, just realizing you aren’t perfect!
    Keep up the great work! I’m going to be a DCC in my next life! Love to all, Melinda

  2. I Love Your Wonerdful Organization too as well,I Love Watching Making the team Every
    Year,It’s Fun,interesting and I Love the footage as well,and the women gets paid for the
    Apperances other than games and Everywhere,and I’ve Been A Dallas Cowboys Fan Since 1993 and A Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders since 2002 and Angela You are One Of My Favorite Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in the whole wide world and I’ve Enjoyed
    Watching Yoo Ladies On TV and at the NFL Games as well.and I’m Glad I Make You Job So Special and I’ve Got my Faith and My Full Support In y’all as well,Especially Angela as well. Go Cowboys Beat the Baltimore Ravens
    Chris hampton

  3. Audrey Cason says:

    Love that you made the team last year and are back this year! <3

  4. Good luck to you, I enjoy listening to you talk

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