Meet the 2012 Squad Videos


  1. Dee Clark says:

    Brittney, it may not be your best dance move, but I bet it’s one of your funniest!!! Thanks for sharing a little of your quirky side with us!!!

  2. sherry lunde hastings says:

    Hi Brittney! My sister Mary Ann (Lunde) Luckie and I have been watching the past 2-3 seasons of DCC, and we think your mom may have grown up next door to us in Bloomington, MN. Is her maiden name Beth Rezac? We were good friends growing up, then she got married, moved to Dallas, and her Christmas cards always had little girls in the photo, and I remember that one of them was named Brittney. You sure look like Beth, so we’re wondering if you’re Beth Rezac’s daughter. Either way, you’re great! Way to go! Sherry (Lunde) Hastings

  3. Aquiles Ramírez says:

    Hi there!!!! it´s incredible how such beauty and grace can be joined in a smile like yours Brittney. Best regards!!!!

  4. So I am my 8 year old grand daughter is watching Sunday’s game with me turns and ask’s “Papa do those girls wear bra’s” my reply was “ummmmm,” my wife jumped in and bailed me out!

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