Meet the 2012 Squad Videos


  1. Tammy Mercer says:

    You are my favorite DCC! Loved watching you and the other rookies on DCC Making the Team last season.
    As you go into auditions for this year, I wish you nothing but the best.

  2. CHELSEA u are my favorite DCC I wish u all the best in life and in your future to u are very pretty to and i have a crush on u don,t be offended if i said that
    Love U

  3. Carisa
    You are my favorite DDC i wish you all the best in life and your future to as a DCC. I think that you are very pretty to and i wish i get to come to a game one year and see you in person and maybe take you out for a drink or two dont be offended if i said i love you


  4. Wayne Antosiewicz says:

    GO Cowboys teame

  5. whitnet says:

    You are the best cheerleader ever

  6. You are the one of best

  7. ACU friend says:

    I miss hanging out.

  8. Why is her picture not on the 2013 squad? She is one of my favorites!

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