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  1. Bayleigh hafen says:

    Courtney, you are easily one of my idols. I’ve been watching the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team and i love watching it. Ha I even make my boyfriend watch it with me (he secretly loves it) I have made a goal in my life to become a DCC cheerleader sometime in my life, it is my top dream. I read that your from Utah! That’s awesome that’s where I’m from! Ha But I’m not from a city, just a really small town called Monroe. But its nice knowing a utah girl can become a DCC cheerleader, it totally gives me inspiration. I’ve actually been dancing since i was two years old. And I’m actually been apart of the south sevier sensations drill team, I’m hoping being apart of a competitive dance team will help me sorta make it to be a cheerleader. Okay I’ve got ONE question, were ever apart of the Utah crimson line?

  2. Vicky Carver says:

    I love watching the DCC. It is my favorite show on TV. I know there is alot to being on the team, but the DCC is the best squad in the NFL. Enjoy your jobs.

  3. i love to see you garls on tv i hope you like macy

  4. I Love Watching DDC is amazing show to watch.And, i wish i could cheerlead like you guys.And, it’s amazing to see how it pays off at the final end when you have your team.I love watching you Courtney it’s a blessing that you came this far.And, i hope your dreams come true again.Keep up the good work in Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders because your a great role model to watch.

  5. Courtney I just have loved you since you first tried out to be a DCC and didn’t make it and then you came back last year and tried again and you did it! :) I love your springy curls<3 I have naturally curly hair myself and it can be quite hard to manage. What products do you use or like the best?

    Cheers to a great season <3

  6. i went to my first cowboy game this year when they played tampa bay….when the cheerleaders took th feild ….courtney cook u caught my eye ..u have a great energy level …ur smile is awsome …n that hair ….wow….ur smokin hot …keep up the good work curtney cook ddc 4 ever

  7. Courtney, you are one of my favorite role models. You inspired me ever since you started DCC. You taught me that you should never give up,and after you didn’t make it your first year trying out you still came back the year after and made it. You are gorgeous and a amazing cheerleader I hope your season is going great your going to make it far in life. I have been cheering for 2 years now and sadly I had to move and there is no cheer where I live. When I become older I hope to be exactly where you made a spot on the team.

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