Meet the 2012 Squad Videos


  1. Arthur Petty says:

    Katy is just sweetest, most beautiful cheerleader ever !! <3

  2. She is gorgeous, looks like one of Victoria Secrets supermodels.

  3. Hi Katy! I’m Eugene, I’m from Russia. You are very beautiful. It’s very nice to meet you! LOVE!

  4. I’ve always been a sucker for blonde girls . At least more so than any other type. However, Not only are you more beautiful than quite possibly Aphrodite herself, I’ve fallen in love with the way you talk. That perky even quirky kind of personality you seem to have. That nice girl, girl next-door kind of quality about you. You Katy Marie, along with all of the DALLAS CCs, seem sweeter than the sweetest honey! And you are absolutely adorable. And I never drink soda either. You are love in human form Katy Marie! Keep smiling that beautiful happy smile of yours Katy Marie!Much Love…

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