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  1. Melissa, you are great! Bet photographers will miss making all perfect shots of you if you are not a DCC next year. But there are higher goals in your future. Hope you continue working hard and enjoy a happy life.
    My very best wishes for you, Clell

  2. All You Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
    Are Very Classy Brilliant.
    Aweseome & Outragous.
    Your Loving Friend.

  3. Clell Wood says:

    Since there has been no communication from DCC management since 12-20-’12, suspect Kelli & Judy are holding out for more money and a share of the very large profits generated by the DCC. Those profits arise because of the foundation laid by Tex and Dixie. The DCC’s image has been more favorable than JJ”s and the overall Dallas Cowboys organization since 1989. Respectfully request DCC management cease labeling DCC as “Professional Dancers”, models, etc.. Being known as a DCC is all these fabulous women want as long as the image remains unchanged. When DCC increases emphasis of DCC,s bare skin on display in Star, calendars and CMT, the DCC image will suffer to the level of all other NFL “cheerleader teams”. Suppose DCC tags all other NFL cheerleaders qsw amateur dancers!?!

  4. Wayne Milam says:

    Miss Kellerman, Please keep up with your studys as a speical ed teacher I know you would find it very awarding. For I am a former special ed student. I know if I didn’t have certain teachers I wouldn’t have the education I have today and I have them to thank for it. I feel you will have many students that will thank you for their education. Good Luck. God Speed

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