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  1. Love this! Mackenzie Lee is my favorite DCC. She’s gorgeous, and that smile… so beautiful.

    • I was pleased that McKenzie made it because if I recall correctly she was short and her kicks were not high enough. I was just hopeful that we moved away from saying the perfect body had long legs. McKenzie has a good heart and the team was pulling for her because she is probalbly a nice lady. I was glad she made it. And no, I am not a relative, just a fan of the show in Louisiana. So do not go there.

  2. Mackenzie and Sydney, two very beautiful and bright young women. Your dedication to DCC in addition to the personal aspects of your lives says so much about how desirable and warm you all are smilkes to match your hearts. I am certain all the DCC are the same way – all unique in special ways. I have long watched you ladies and hope to meet at least one of you in person. Keep up the fantastic work and bright sun shine radiating with warmt. Next to the young women of Victoria’s Secret and along side them this team in a way or two reminds me of them. I hope my comments focused on the modeling type and DCC does not overshadow at this forum that I am focusing on a group of women who are in the public eye and that it does not detract from my kindhearted sharing on all levels to all friends and beautiful people in my life and society. Thank you, DCC

    • Jeremiah Logan Antle and Trevor Shannon says:

      She is our favorite cheerleader within seconds of watching the show! Most beautiful girl we have ever seen! WE LOVE MACKENZIE! she is perfect……..we want to meet her

  3. She is sooooo adorable. She’s sweet and a great dancer. I know her kicks are a challenge to her, but I know she’s giving 110%. Some legs can only stretch so far. I love how she helped Jennifer through auditions and training camp. Mackenzie is the perfect DCC!!!

  4. Wowee, I Think MAckenzie Is Beautiful As Coleen,Meagan Mcvay,Sydney,Mia,JAckie,
    Whitney,Holly,Melissa,Veronica Is All Beautiful DCC Girls and PRetty Women and
    Lovely Ladies as well,She’s Sweet,Special,Beautiful,PRetty And I’m Blessed That She
    Helped Jennifer as two PRetty DCC Girls,Lolvey LAdies,2 Beautiful Women as well,
    and I Love MAckenzie as well.I Would Like To Meet Her Too as well.

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